Download a quote or place an order

Download a quote or place an order

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30 day trial
  • Access to all features for 30 days
  • Examples provided for several platforms including Python, Winforms, Console (for Windows, Linux and MacOS) and LabVIEW
  • Extra trial period on request

Site license

  • Full-featured SDK forever : no recurring subscription required
  • Can be used within Licensee’s organization at the location specified
  • May be used by multiple developers at the location specified
  • Any application developed with the SDK can be delivered to an unlimited number of customers without royalties
  • 1 year maintenance included (access to updates)
  • Contact us for a payment by bank transfer. Once the license of this SDK is purchased, you will receive your license number and your invoice by email.

Site license for academic research



  • Site license with 40% off
  • Discount exclusively for academic or research projects

Source license

  • Complete internal code of the library in C#
  • Visual Studio solution that includes 110,000 lines of code developed over several years
  • You can modify this source code and use it in your application, within the limits defined in the general terms of use