This SDK (Software Development Kit) is subject to licensing. You have 30 days to try it.


30 day trial

  • Access to all features for 30 days
  • Examples provided for several platforms including Winforms, Console (for Windows, Linux and MacOS) and LabView
  • Possibility to ask us for an extension of the trial period

Site license


  • Full-featured SDK forever : no recurring subscription required
  • Can be used within Licensee’s organization at the location specified
  • May be used by multiple developers at the location specified
  • Any application developed with the SDK can be delivered to an unlimited number of customers without royalties
  • 1 year maintenance included (access to updates)
  • Contact us for a payment by bank transfer. Once the license of this SDK is purchased, you will receive your license number and your invoice by email.

Site license for academic research


Place an order or get a quote for a site license

Place an order or get a quote for a site license

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© 2021 UnderAutomation - UnderAutomation Universal Robots .NET Communication SDK (Software Development Kit) provides the ability to create customized .NET Core, .NET Framework and .NET Standard applications that can communicate with every UR robots. Ready to use examples for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, LabView, Node.js and Python are provided. It uses TCP/IP Dashboard Server and XML-RPC to remote control the robot and the Client Interface to receive and decode data stream.