Software libraries for communicating with your industrial robots

Software development kit

The SDKs (Software Development Kits) developed by UnderAutomation enable you to connect your application to an industrial robot with just a few lines of code. Each library has been developed for a specific brand of robot, with the philosophy of making remote supervision and control of the robot simple and accessible.

Tailored to your OS and language

Initially designed in .NET, these SDKs have recently been adapted for Python, LabVIEW and Matlab, with compatibility for Windows, Linux and MacOS. In close collaboration with leading robot brands, UnderAutomation engineers have developed and tested these SDKs to bring you an industrial-grade library compatible with all robot models, including the oldest.

Simplicity and safety

For simplified implementation, the SDK requires no installation on the robot, since it uses the controllers' native protocols. Thanks to their purely managed language design, SDKs have no software dependencies. SDKs ensure data security and confidentiality by executing all code locally, without an Internet connection. You have 30 days after downloading to test an SDK and the associated examples.

Offline toolbox

Each SDK contains a toolbox enabling you to manipulate certain data locally, without the need for a robot controller (position conversion, program decompilation, etc.). It is also possible to acquire a source license, which gives you free access to the SDK source code and control over the various algorithms.

Royalty-free perpetual license

The price has been set to be affordable for everyone, including small businesses and universities, with a "license site" model with no recurring costs. This means that after purchasing a license, your company can develop and distribute an unlimited amount of software, regardless of the number of developers, robots or programming language used.

How much does it cost?

We can generate a quote and manage an order in any currency in the world. Please contact us if you have any technical or commercial questions.

For companies :990 €$1090
For universities (-40%) :594 €$654

Contact us

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Our distributors

To obtain a license of one of our products, you can either order directly from UnderAutomation or go through one of our distributors.

You're in good company

For several years, libraries supplied by UnderAutomation have enabled small companies, universities and large corporations to develop the communication layer with their robots quickly and affordably.

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