Register a license

You have 30 days free trial. For a long term use, you need to buy a license (See pricing). Then, we will send you a license key and you will just have to specify it with your company name with the static method RegisterLicense() of class UR.

// Register your license
UnderAutomation.UniversalRobots.UR.RegisterLicense("YourCompanyName", "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY");

Get current license information

You can get full information about current license with the static property LicenseInfo of class UR.

var info = UnderAutomation.UniversalRobots.UR.LicenseInfo;
Members of LicenseInfo :
public sealed class LicenseInfo {
// Create a new LicenseInfo instance to retrieve informations about a pair of identifier/key
This class should not be used to register your product. Please use static function UnderAutomation.UniversalRobot.UniversalRobotInterface.RegisterLicense to register a license.
public LicenseInfo(string licenseIdentifier, string licenseKey),
// Remaining days of the trial period. Null if the product is licensed. It could be negative if the trial period is ended since several days.
public int? EvaluationDaysLeft { get; },
// The date the trial period starts. If the product is licensed, the date of the library first use.
public DateTime EvaluationStartDate { get; },
// Name of your organisation
public string Licensee { get; },
// The date you get the license
public DateTime? LicenseIssuedDate { get; },
// The license key supplied by UnderAutomation (null for trial period)
public string LicenseKey { get; },
// The date your maintenance contract end and you no longer can use this license with newer versions.
public DateTime? MaintenanceExpirationDate { get; },
// Number of maintenance years included in your license
public int MaintenanceYears { get; },
// Commercial name of this .NET Software library
public string Product { get; },
// The date this version of the product was released.
public DateTime ProductReleaseDate { get; },
// The current license state
public LicenseState State { get; },
// A human description of the license
public override string ToString(),
// The date the product will expire. Null if the product is licensed.
public DateTime? TrialPeriodExpirationDate { get; }
Members of LicenseState :
public enum LicenseState {
// The trial period as expired, you no more can use the library
Expired = 3,
// The library is in an extra trial period, you can use the library
ExtraTrial = 2,
// The pair License Identifier and License Key are incompatible, you cannot use the library
Invalid = 0,
// Congratulations, the library is licensed.
Licensed = 5,
// Your license does not allow you to use such a recent release. Please buy maintenance to use this version
MaintenanceNeeded = 4,
// The library is in a trial period, you can use the library
Trial = 1

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