Register a license

You have 30 days free trial. For a long term use, you need to buy a license (See pricing). Then, we will send you a license key and you will just have to specify it with your company name with the static method RegisterLicense() of class UR.

A InvalidLicenseException exception will be thrown when connecting to the robot with the reason.

You can get full information about current license with the static property LicenseInfo of class UR.

UR.RegisterLicense("YourCompanyName", "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY");
LicenseInfo myLicenseInfo = UR.LicenseInfo;
// Number of trial days remaining
var evaluationDaysLeft = myLicenseInfo.EvaluationDaysLeft;
bool licenseValid = myLicenseInfo.State == LicenseState.Licensed;

API Reference

Members of License.LicenseInfo :
public sealed class LicenseInfo {
// Create a new LicenseInfo instance to retrieve informations about a pair of identifier/key
// This class should not be used to register your product. Please use static function UnderAutomation.UniversalRobot.UniversalRobotInterface.RegisterLicense to register a license.
public LicenseInfo(string licenseIdentifier, string licenseKey)
// Remaining days of the trial period. Null if the product is licensed. It could be negative if the trial period is ended since several days.
public int? EvaluationDaysLeft { get; }
// The date the trial period starts. If the product is licensed, the date of the library first use.
public DateTime EvaluationStartDate { get; }
// Name of your organisation
public string Licensee { get; }
// The date you get the license
public DateTime? LicenseIssuedDate { get; }
// The license key supplied by UnderAutomation (null for trial period)
public string LicenseKey { get; }
// The date your maintenance contract end and you no longer can use this license with newer versions.
public DateTime? MaintenanceExpirationDate { get; }
// Number of maintenance years included in your license
public int MaintenanceYears { get; }
// Commercial name of this .NET Software library
public string Product { get; }
// The date this version of the product was released.
public DateTime ProductReleaseDate { get; }
// The current license state
public LicenseState State { get; }
// A human description of the license
public override string ToString()
// The date the product will expire. Null if the product is licensed.
public DateTime? TrialPeriodExpirationDate { get; }
Members of License.LicenseState :
public enum LicenseState {
// The trial period as expired, you no more can use the library
Expired = 3
// The library is in an extra trial period, you can use the library
ExtraTrial = 2
// The pair License Identifier and License Key are incompatible, you cannot use the library
Invalid = 0
// Congratulations, the library is licensed.
Licensed = 5
// Your license does not allow you to use such a recent release. Please buy maintenance to use this version
MaintenanceNeeded = 4
// The library is in a trial period, you can use the library
Trial = 1
Members of License.InvalidLicenseException :
public class InvalidLicenseException : Exception, ISerializable, _Exception {
// The license that causes this exception
public LicenseInfo LicenseInfo { get; }

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