Remote send script

When calling Send() method, URScript (the programming language that controls the robot) is directly executed. If a program is running, it is immediately stopped to execute this script. Script can only be executed if you are connected to port UniversalRobotPorts.PrimaryClient (default if not specified) or UniversalRobotPorts.SecondaryClient.

// Create a new UR instance
var ur = new UR();
// ...
// Remote execute a movej
ur.Send("movej([-1.5,-1.5,-2,-0.5,1.8,0],a=1.4, v=1.05, t=0, r=0)");
// Set digital output 2 to true

Please refer to the Script Manual to see all the functions you can remotely call : Download PDF Script Manual.

Try it with the Windows example



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